The masterclasses are directed at professional level students, musicians at the beginning of their career, and young students approximately Diploma ABRSM level.

The students are selected by an audition. The applicants should submit a recording of two contrasting pieces by different composers and in two different styles. This should be recorded and send as a link to an online hosting service such as YouTube via email: or send a CD or DVD to the following address: Jersey Academy of Music, Chateau Vermont, Le Mont Sohier, St. Saviour, Jersey CI, United Kingdom, JE2 7HA.

Students will be distributed among the teachers, taking into consideration their preference and the works they will be playing, as indicated on the registration form, although subject to availability. The final distribution of the students will rest with professors from the faculty.

Each participant has to present at least three works from memory.

Every student will have possibility of a performing in a public concert pending teacher approval.

All participants will receive a course certificate.